126-30 Naeshiro-cho, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture
TEL +81-823-30-3505
FAX +81-823-33-3501

Business Operations
Design/Manufacture of marine electrical equipment
Main Products
Distribution boards/Wheelhouse control panels/Ship piloting consoles
Instrument panels/Switchboards/Charge and discharge panels/Control panels
2016/04/19 Sanko participated "SEA JAPAN 2016"
2016/03/31 Sanko participating in SEA JAPAN 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.
2012/04/01 After-Service Business Partnership with Teratec Ltd.
2011/04/29 Added Organizational Structure.
2011/04/01 New Organizational Structure
Our organizational structure was changed from April 1, 2011. The new SANKO ELECTRIC looks forward to doing business with you.