Company History


Oct. 1957

Sanko Electrical Equipment Plant established in 3-chome Kaigan, Kure City

Started manufacture of marine electrical equipment (ship navigation light indicator panels/distribution boards)

June 1961 Tie-up with Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co. (currently known as Omron); Development of main component current relay of electric switches
April 1962 Started press-process manufacturing of boxes for ship navigation light indicator panels
April 1964 Started manufacture of steel main switchboards
Nov. 1965 Constructed Yakeyama Plant in Konohara, Yakeyama-cho, Kure City
Nov. 1970 Acquired land for plant-use in 2-chome Hiroshiraishi, Kure City
Feb. 1974 Completed plant in Hiroshiraishi, Kure City, combined Kaigan Main Office and Yakeyama Plant and started operations
May 1991 Company name changed to Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.
May 1991 Capitalized with 10 million yen
April 1993 New company office building completed (890 ㎡)
Dec. 1994 Announced new product: "Artfence"
Oct. 1996 Total production of main products is 15,000 units of distribution boards and over 1,000 of W/H control panels.
Sept. 1997 Acquired patent for new type of distribution board (Patent No. 2724447)
April 2000 Acquired design registration of template material for housing used for equipment storage (Design No. 1097956)
Nov. 2001 Acquired two patents
Aug. 2002 Attained number one share of marine distribution board market
May 2003 ABS model approval recipient (03-YO, 365952-PDA,03-YO, 365953-PDA)
Sept. 2003 Marine distribution board: Passed EMC Directive Inspection (IEC61000, 60945)
Sept. 2003 Storage battery charge/discharge panels (for sealed, alkaline, or lead batteries): Passed EMC Directive Inspection (IEC61000, 60945)
Oct. 2003 Wheelhouse central control panels: Passed EMC Directive Inspection (IEC61000, 60945)
Feb. 2004 Acquired patent for battery charging control equipment (for alkaline/lead batteries) (Patent No. 3522262)
Feb. 2004 Acquired patent for press molding die for mold material (Patent No. 3529370)
Aug. 2004 Completed CE marking compatible water ingress alarm system (Acquired model certification of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)
Jan. 2005 Acquired patent for fixed cover and engagement tools for cases (Patent No. 3633912)
April 2005 Acquired ABS model approval for CE marking compatible water ingress alarm system
Sept. 2005 Acquired LR model approval for CE marking compatible water ingress alarm system
March 2007 Certified under the Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises
May 2007 Purchased land for plant-use in Naeshiro (Kure City) industrial park
Dec. 2007 Completed construction of Naeshiro Plant in Naeshiro (Kure City) industrial park
May 2008 Applied for patent of cooling fan control equipment
Aug. 2009 Ship navigation light indicator: SNA-LP2 LR model acquired certification (09/10055)
Aug. 2009 Signal indicators: SNA-LC8 LR model acquired certification (09/10055)
May 2010 New product (BNWAS) completed: ABS model acquired certification (10-YO562957-PDA)
Aug. 2010 BNWAS: MED model acquired certification (22914/A0 MMF)
Dec. 2010 Tetsuji Kamikawa named as President
Feb. 2016 LED navigation light indicator: LR model acquired certification (15/10012 (E1))
Dec. 2016 Spun off the painting group and established an independent company SY Co., Ltd.