Providing New Marine Technology to Systematize Ship Safety, Comfort and Labor Reduction.


For more than half a century, Sanko Electric has been developing and manufacturing control panels that support safe and comfortable ship navigation.
In order to satisfy our customer's needs, we provide products that have highly reliable functions, as well as operability that is simple and user-friendly, and that also realize space-savings, thereby realizing both safety and ease-of-use. By raising the level of supplementary system equipment that contributes to comfortable and safe ship navigation, we can not only provide labor reduction due to centralized control of the engine room through mechanization and automation, but we have also even improved the operating environment of ship operators so as to realize navigation operations in an ample and comfortable space.
Additionally, Sanko Electric is located in Kure City (Hiroshima Prefecture), proud home of the shipbuilding technology that gave birth to the "Yamato" (a famous Japanese battle ship), and we are a marine panel manufacturer with a more than 65% share of the marine distribution board market.

Tetsuji Kamikawa