Water Ingress Alarm System

Water Ingress Alarm System



A total alarm system using multiplex transmission has been adopted.






The alarm display uses a 10.4-inch TFT liquid crystal color monitor with a touch-panel system.
Sequencers are used in the control circuit while RS232C has been adopted for communication with the touch panel, and RS485 as multiplex communication with the local system. Adopting this system allows a ship's internal wiring to be minimized in size. The system can be used for five to 11 holds such that designing separate specifications for each is not necessary.
The design is such that upper or lower stool method can be adopted for the outfitting surface.
We have developed and provide the industry's first IP68 barrier box.



Panel Display at Startup




Panel Display at Water Ingress Alarm

- Maximum priority is given for display at ingress.

Screen flickers when detecting water level.
- 10 seconds after water ingress, this screen is displayed and an alarm is issued.

Press the BZ STOP button to display the water ingress location screen.
Display example is H:LEVEL 0.5-m water ingress (Pre-Alarm).


Screen example is HH:LEVEL 2-m water ingress (Main Alarm).



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